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We believe where your fish come from matters. LocalCoho™ is a producer of responsibly-raised Coho salmon. We operate land-based facilities near major cities to bring you the freshest, healthiest, most sustainable local fish available.

Better Business Practices

  • Quality. We raise our Coho in pristine, land-based conditions.
  • Local and Fresh. We serve local markets, cutting down on transportation miles and ensuring freshness.
  • Non-GMO fish. Our Coho come from non-GMO, certified organic eggs.
  • Responsible. We recycle over 90% of our water.
  • Farm-to-Table. Our land-based growing methods are 100% traceable and eliminate the perils of ocean-farming.
  • BAP and SQF Certified. We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and food safety by being BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) and SQF (Safe Quality Food) Certified.
Best Aquaculture Practices


LocalCoho™ meets all the “Best Choice” criteria recommended by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.

Impact on stock?NO IMPACT on wild stock
Impact on other species?NONE
Fishery managed to maintain long term productivity?It is the driving principal of our business
Effluent?NO EFFECT on wild habitat or ecosystem
Habitat/ecosystem effects?NO EFFECT on wild habitat or ecosystem
Chemical use?Generally not needed
Feed use?Sustainable and efficient
Disease?Greatly reduced due to filtered environment
Source of stock?Certified organic, non-GMO eggs that are independent of wild stock


Coho salmon are a cut above other species. Our Coho have a clean taste and are considered to be among the best-tasting, most versatile varieties of salmon.

Coho salmon are lean, mild, and contain nearly two times the healthy oil content of some other types of salmon.

It’s sustainable. It’s fresh. It’s delicious. And it’s just the beginning.

Our first facility is located in upstate New York. We are building more facilities near major cities throughout the US, leading the way toward more sustainable, delicious, and local seafood.