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LocalCoho is a pioneer in producing local, sustainable seafood through innovative land-based farming using Recirculating Aquaculture Systems technology. The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch rates us a coveted “Best Choice” sustainability rating based on its stringent criteria including minimal impact on the ecosystem, strong fishery management and the excellent health of the fish eggs we use and the fish itself.


LocalCoho strives to be a leader in creating a circular regenerative aquaculture-agriculture ecosystem that will protect and replenish the earth’s precious natural resources with minimal waste. Our innovative farming method maximizes the potential of local ecosystems while producing healthy and delicious premium salmon for a region’s consumers and value chain partners.

We plan to build and operate regional Coho salmon farms across the U.S. to serve local markets. All will use the recirculating freshwater system we have developed and evolved at our pilot facility. This method allows us to recycle 90 to 95 percent of the water and use the rest as a nutrient rich fertilizer for local farms whether traditional row crop agriculture or modern indoor hydroponic farm systems.

To feed the salmon, we will continue to identify and use innovative products such as insect-based feeds for which the primary raw material for the insect husbandry is derived from local row crop agriculture byproducts. Such feeds will reduce the typical reliance of most farm-raised salmon on wild fisheries and thus help to preserve healthy, biodiverse oceans. We are stiving to achieve zero waste of our fish by using the trim and viscera for pet food and nutraceuticals. In opening these upstream and downstream channels, we will achieve our vision of minimizing waste and creating a valuable circular ecosystem while production top-quality fish consumers will seek out as they look for healthy and delicious protein sources made with sustainability as the guiding principle.


Michael Fabbro joined LocalCoho as CEO in 2022 after more than a decade leading New Zealand King Salmon Co.’s North American business. He introduced the company’s premium Ōra King salmon to the U.S. restaurant industry and its Regal smoked salmon to the U.S. grocery market. He has extensive experience growing smaller companies and startups, including Berkeley, Calif.-based charcuterie maker Fra’ Mani.

Andre Bravo, COO/Head of Aquaculture, is a 30-year aquaculture veteran with a proven track record of building and operating RAS farms around the globe to raise different species of finfish. He holds advanced degrees in biotechnology, aquaculture and business management.