In The Kitchen


Coho are some of the best-tasting salmon available. Here are some tips for keeping your Coho fresh and delicious.


  • Fresh fish is firm and springs back when you press against it.
  • Fresh fish has a slightly sea or salty, melony smell. Avoid fish that has a powerful odor.
  • Coho looks moist and glistens slightly in the light when it’s fresh.
  • If purchasing a whole fish, ensure that its eyes are clear and full, the gills are pink, and the fish’s rib bones don’t protrude into the belly cavity.
  • Coho fillets should not have gaping seams or a brownish fringe around the edges.

Cooking Coho:

  • Use the fish within two days of purchase to ensure ideal freshness and taste.
  • Generally, a fish will be done in 8 minutes per inch of thickness; the internal temperature of salmon, when properly cooked is 140°.
  • Properly-cooked fish is firm and resistant when touched; undercooked fish is soft and somewhat translucent.
  • Flesh separates from the bone easily.
  • Flesh begins to flake.
  • Always serve salmon as soon as it’s finished cooking. Fish will continue to cook after it’s removed from the heat.